Our Kitchener & Waterloo Window Covering FAQ

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q: how do I clean my custom window fashions?

a: Bauhaus by Blinds Are Us prides ourselves in carrying high-quality products that require minimal care and cleaning that may include regular dusting and periodic vacuuming.

  • dusting guidelines – regular light dusting maintains a like-new appearance of most blinds, shades, sheers, shutters and window panels.
    caution: do not use magnetic cleaners such as a dusting mitt on light-dimming fabrics. this will damage the light-dimming backing.
  • vacuuming guidelines – vacuum gently using the brush attachment on any vacuum cleaner. most products may be vacuumed using a vertical stroke.
    caution: do not use a brush attachment or long vertical strokes to vacuum Hunter Douglas products such as Alustra Luminette, and Luminette Privacy Sheers, as these actions will crease the fabric. do not vacuum Architella Elan and Architella Elan Eclipse fabrics.
  • compressed air or hair dryer (non-heat setting) – use to blow dust off selected window coverings.

q: got bugs?

a: to prevent damage to delicate fabrics, resist the urge to use any type of stick, wand or handle to push out pests that are caught in your window shades. we recommend gently blowing them out using:

  • a can of compressed air
  • hair dryer on a cool setting.

q: what do I need to know about installing a product?

a: it is important to know the required space and correct type and quantity of installation hardware to safely and securely install a window covering.

things to consider before installing a product:

  • what is the mounting depth available for brackets?
  • is the mounting surface level? (have shims handy before installation)
  • what type of surface will the brackets be mounted to? (i.e. drywall, cement, wood, etc.)
  • are anchors needed to hold the brackets? (not included with installation hardware)

q: what do I need to consider before purchase?

a: all of our window fashions are designed and custom-assembled. our longstanding commitment to quality and innovation means you’ll enjoy choices at bauhaus that you won’t find anywhere else.

there are many things to consider before purchasing a quality custom window covering product:

  • what is your decorating style? modern, formal or traditional
  • is privacy and light control a main concern?
  • which material will work best in your room? the type and color of fabric will affect the amount of light coming
  • into your room.
  • do you want a shade that rises fully for the view, or a sheer that gives view through with uv protection?
  • how do you want to operate your shade? there are many options from cordless to motorization.

q: I have a broken shade that needs repair, what options do I have?

a: depending on the product, age and type of repair needed, there are several options available:

  • if you are able to remove your window covering, bring it into our store and we can assess the repair required. If the product is under warranty as per the manufacturer, we can return your product for you.
    *please note shipping and handling fees are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • if the repair required is not covered under warranty, or you are not the original owner of the product, we may be able to complete the repair onsite for you. please contact bauhaus for a quote on parts and service.

q: once ordered, how long does it take for my custom window coverings to come in?

a: depending on the product ordered, the manufacturing timelines can vary. most products are shipped within 2 weeks from the date the order was placed. our sales associates can give you an accurate timeline once your product is selected.

Brand Promotions

From time to time, Bauhaus by Blinds Are Us offers limited-time promotions on some of our quality products.