Commercial Window coverings quote in Kitchener & Waterloo

we specialize in providing a number of options for your commercial building.

depending on the needs of both the building and the people using it, we can help you find the right solution, helping you to create a space that is energy efficient, safe, and comfortable.

we have experience in a number of commercial settings, such as:
  • offices
  • retail spaces
  • restaurants
  • hospitals and medical offices
  • correctional facilities
  • schools and student housing
  • hotels
  • event venues

many of these commercial applications have needed to meet certain codes or requirements. we will help you navigate the many materials available to help you exceed provisions for safety, cleanliness, or building code.

open concepts, obstructions and size of windows may mean that you want to consider motorization for your commercial space. we have several options available to you paired with certified motorization specialists on staff to assist you with your selections.

along with price and installation, maintenance and cleaning also need to be considered in commercial applications. customers, tenants and employees don’t always take the same care in your commercial space that they would at home. this means that from time to time you may have repairs needed due to misuse or negligence. Bauhaus by Blinds Are Us has the rare ability to repair most blinds, sometimes even on site. we also offer blind cleaning services to help keep your commercial space looking fresh.

for a commercial quote, measurement and/or install, please visit us in our showroom or contact us via phone or email.

we look forward to working with you.

Brand Promotions

From time to time, Bauhaus by Blinds Are Us offers limited-time promotions on some of our quality products.